GoldMark Farm

GoldMark Farm offers first class facilities with state-of-the-art design and the latest equipment in every area of the operation.



GoldMark’s horses in training are maintained in one of GoldMark’s 160 stalls across six barns.  Stalls are 12’ by 12’ or 12’ by 14’ with rubber-lined walls and ultra-cushioned softstall flooring.  Temperatures are kept comfortable in the stall with high velocity fans that circulate air under the 19 ½ foot high vinyl-lined ceilings.  Each barn has cupolas which contain a thermostatically controlled exhaust fan expelling hot air after the temperature exceeds 75°.  Nelson stainless steel waterers and feeders are placed in opposing corners of each stall, and every stall features an automatic fly control system.


GoldMark utilizes Safetrack surface throughout the farm, providing a consistent surface in all areas traversed by horses.  GoldMark chose to install Safetrack which blends a combination of two grades of multi-washed fine silica sand with synthetic fibers, elastic strands, and a coating of wax to provide a stable surface.  Safetrack is an extremely advanced surface which is manufactured by a British company, Andrews Bowen.  Using a hard wax rather than the softer petroleum jelly makes for a more durable surface. Safetrack surface has been utilized by many trainers and racetracks around the world.  Safetrack can also be found in the United States at Ocala Breeders Sales Company.  Safetrack provides minimal kickback and has excellent shock absorbing properties.  Maintaining Safetrack is easy as it is dust free and requires only minimal maintenance.  Safetrack allows horses to travel over the surface as the synthetic fibers act as a root structure similar to good turf.  Another feature of Safetrack is there is no interruption to training due to rain or inclement weather.  The extensive drainage design eliminates any water retention and allows for training when regular dirt tracks would be sloppy.



GoldMark’s Track has a ¾ mile circumference, it is 50’ wide with Aluminum Safety Rail, 4% banked turns, and consistent Safetrack footing.



GoldMark’s Arena has an expanse of 100’ by 175’ with the perimeter being four-board fencing with rounded corners and Safetrack footing.




GoldMark has four fully enclosed covered Walkers equipped with Trojan Heavy-Duty Horsewalkers.  The Walkers have 19 ½’ high interior vinyl-lined ceilings, and are equipped with fans, lights and Safetrack footing.

Round Pen


GoldMark has two fully enclosed Round Pens with a 60’ diameter and a 19 ½’ high vinyl-lined ceiling which serve as the primary initial training location. The Round Pens are equipped with fans, lights and Safetrack footing.

Toe Ring


GoldMark’s Toe Ring spans an oval area of 80’ by 300’ with walking paths 20’ across.  The walking paths have Safetrack footing and the center area is grass with shade provided by large oak trees.


Wash Racks


GoldMark has twenty wash racks with 10’ by 11’ bays with slip resistant rubber mat floors.  For the horses’ ultimate comfort, temperature regulation is provided with hot and cold running water.

Mare and Foal Barn


GoldMark has a state of the art mare and foal complex, which consists of sixteen stalls which are 14’ by 14’.  The barn also has wash racks, palpation chute, and attached lush pastures enclosed with four-board fencing.


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